BigHand Acquires Esquire Innovations

By Sean Doherty |

The voice dictation and workflow software maker's acquisition of Esquire Innovations aims to give legal professionals greater document creation efficiencies with voice productivity.

Datawatch Partners With MarkLogic

By Sherry Karabin |

The combination of these two companies will give organizations the resources to tackle Big Data as actionable information that can be used for competitive intelligence.

Handshake sealing a deal.

DTI Acquires Applied Discovery

By Sean Doherty |

DTI, a provider of e-discovery software as a service, legal process outsourcing, and facilities management services, announced today the acquisition of Applied Discovery, also an e-discovery SaaS provider.

Virtual Machine Maker Meets Virtual Desktop Builder

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney |

VMware acquires desktop-as-a-service provider Desktone.